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We hear a lot about Islam, Radical Islam, ISIS and terrorist attacks and immigration ban from Muslim countries so it is easy to develop a hate or fear for Muslims and being not sure about how to engage a Muslim person that we live next to or work with in

We hear a lot about Islam, Radical Islam, ISIS and terrorist attacks and immigration ban from Muslim countries so it is easy to develop a hate or fear for Muslims and being not sure about how to engage a Muslim person that we live next to or work with in a talk about religion. I thought to write something about this issue for Christians who want to talk to Muslims about Jesus. I am a Christian person born in a Muslim country (Iran). So I have lived as a Christian with Muslims throughout my whole life. Thus I have firsthand experience about the Muslim people and am trying to share my knowledge with you.

Even now that I have moved to US (Los Angeles), I am part of a church who ministers to Persian speaking population and new immigrants from Iran. So I am still in contact with the same Iranian people (from Muslim background) but now I am trying to introduce Jesus to them. My pastor has been a hardcore Muslim for most of his life until he met Jesus and now he is risking his life for the Gospel and is preaching about Jesus on TV to Iran. So I have seen a Apostle Paul like transformation in him. If he gave his hear to Jesus, most of the Muslim could.

The first and most important fact that I want to bring up is that not all the people born in Muslim families are Koran followers. Just like the most people who are born in Christian families are not Bible followers. They might call themselves Muslim but they really do not know much about Koran just like most people born in Christian families do not know much about Bible.
Muslims respect Jesus a lot since it is mentioned in positive terms in Koran but as the same time Jesus followers are considered infidels. This is the major issue with Koran. It is full of contractions like “love people” but at the same time “kill the unbelievers”.

Most Muslim ignore and neglect the very negative and horrible passages in Koran since they don’t know how to deal with them or they come up with an excuse to explain them away. For example, if you bring up the fact that who could Mohammed marry a 9 year old girl at age of 51 when he already had 4 wives!? They’ll explain that he wanted to take care of her financially, he had good intentions, it was common back then and by the way he waited 2 years until he slept with her.

Most Muslim do struggle with the fact that Koran preaches hate, discrimination, violence and that their prophet was not a really godly man (he killed, raped and married a 9 year old) thus they deep down have a sense that something is wrong with their religion but are afraid or unwilling to admit it.

Another frustration that I often heard is that they don’t get their prayers answered. They think Allah is the true God and get really frustrated when he does not answer prayers. Thus, the Muslim who do regularly pray don’t have any relationship with Allah since they don’t experience his divine arm in their lives. Thus, the concept that you can have personal relationship with God is a very alien concept to them which you can use for your benefit when talking about Christianity.

So what are we as Christians supposed to do when we want to engage a Muslim person? Below are a few tips:

  • Pray before you engage them about religion. Have the Holly Spirit at your side before you share the Gospel. Our clever and well-articulated arguments will not win them over. As you know, God convicts and converts people and not us.
  • Muslims are the lost sheep of God. So try to snatch them from Satan’s arm and bring them over to God’s side.
  • Majority of them are not Koran follower, are nice people and want the same things as we want in life.
  • There is a huge consequence for those who leave Islam. So expect resistance against Christianity, arguments against Jesus deity and resurrection. They will bring up the crimes and the crusaders committed. So be prepared to answer these objections in love
  • Bringing down Muhammad does not rise Jesus. This tactic usually does not work and frustrates them.
  • All you need to do is to plant the seed of Christianity and let the Holly Spirit water it. So pray for them before and after you engage them

The best weapon we have is love. There is no weapon against love. I don’t say you should like them but let Jesus’ love radiate through you. Muslim will argue and fight Christianity but they don’t know how to deal with the love and care that you show. Even the hardcore Muslim cannot fight against the love you show. Share the good news of Gospel. Explain that God loves you, he died for you, he is ready to forgive you if you repent, he wants a personal relationship with you. These are mind blowing concepts for Muslims! Koran does not teach that God loves everybody and does not guarantee you will go to heaven. Specially women. Tell them what Bible teaches about women’s equality and use how successful women are in Western countries as example.

In my experience the 10% that do follow Koran also fold since they never had a relationship with Allah even though they commit their lives to Allah and follow Koran so they desperately want to hear from God. A simple prayer and asking the Holly Spirit to work in them does magic. You’ll be amazed by their transformation and what God can do.


If with God’s permission Muslims are coming to our country and neighborhood, instead of resenting, fighting or arguing with them, share the Gospel with them, show love, answer their questions. Remember Muslims are God’s lost sheep and we have to bring them to their real shepherd. Maybe there is a reason God lets them to come over here. Maybe he wants to use us to save them.

I’ll love you hear your feedback or experience so write something back.